Monday, January 23, 2006

Heels in Winter

I wore heels every day during my winter break in Austin. I don't have much occasion to wear heels in Berkeley, seeing as I don't have a car so I walk several miles every day. It's a huge contrast, and I'm still trying to shop for shoes that aren't hideous but that I can also walk in. These are not those shoes. And they're mostly links stolen from shoewawa, but who cares?
I'm buying a pair of these, but I can't decide which. I'll probably get the ones linked above, with the medium heel. I love that you lace them yourself.
And...for when I finally win the lottery. Okay, I still probably wouldn't buy these, but they are classic and beautiful and I want them. Yes, they really are $710. My soul cringes at the person who buys the white version...and scuffs them.

I will probably buy these instead:

They are replacing my Joseph Siebel mary janes in a rather lackluster fashion. My heart weeps. Maybe I'll paint the soles red to make me feel better.


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